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AYO: Our Board of Directors

From L-R: Andre Kaalund, PSAL Sports Coordinator Tyrone Parker, Kamar Mullgrav, Mike Hankins Sr., Ajua Temple and Sam Hollins at the American Youth
Officials Awards Dinner in Januay of 2019.

Board Members

Justice Johnson | Andre Kaalund, Sr. | Deon Frazier |
| Lasun Allah | Ajua Temple | Kamar Mullgrav | Amir Benjamin

Observation & Training Staff

Sam S. Hollins Sr. | Kyle Griffin

In Memoriam

Mike Hankins, Sr.




Justice Johnson, Board President

Justice Johnson

Founder of American Youth Officials

Sports Officiated: Baseball, Basketball, Double Dutch, Flag Football, Football (Tackle), Gymnastics, Lacrosse (Boys & Girls), Martial Arts, Soccer, Softball, and Wrestling.

Years of Experience: Over 40 Years

Contact E-Mail: jjustice710@verizon.net


Mike Hankins Sr.

Mike Hankins Sr.

Founding Member of American Youth Officials

Sports Officiated: Basketball, Football, Baseball, Volleyball

Years of Experience: Over 25 Years


Andre Kaalund Sr.

Andre Kaalund Sr.

Andre Kaalund, Sr.: Treasurer

Sports Officiated: Football, Basketball, Lacrossse, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball

Years of Experience: Over 30 Years

Contact E-Mail: akprod@webtv.net

Deon Frazier

Deon Frazier Sr.

Sports Officiated: Football & Baseball

Years of Experience: 19 (Football) 21 (Baseball)

Lasun Allah

Lasun Allah

Sports Officiated: Football

Years of Experience: 10+ Years

Ajua Temple

Ajua Temple

Sports Officiated: Football, Basketball

Years of Experience:

Kamar Mullgrav

Kamal Mullgrav

Sports Officiated: Football, Baseball & Softball

Years of Experience: 6

Amir Benjamin, Interim Secretary & Webmaster

Amir Benjamin Amir Benjamin (left)

Sports Officiated: Football & Flag Football

Years of Experience: 4

Sam S. Hollins Sr., Trainer

Sam Hollins
Sam Hollins (right)

Sports Officiated: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball (Mens' and Womens' sports)

Years of Experience: 15+ Years

Kyle Griffin, Trainer

Kyle Griffin
Kyle Griffin (center)

Sports Officiated: Footballl

Years of Experience: 20+ Years